About Us

Welcome to Dr. Tech Reviews, the professional tech review platform. 

Dr. Tech Reviews is a website which reviews computer components and peripherals. It reviews a wide range of products for different purposes and gives honest reviews on them. The website reviews products like processors, graphics cards, motherboards, power supplies, memory, cases, projectors, and more. It always tries to give honest reviews and ensures that all reviews are unbiased.


This website is designed to be the last stop as people decide on the best product to suit their needs. No matter what kind of technology product you need you will find unbiased reviews here whether its motherboard, graphic cards, processors, RAM, monitors, CPU and all other components related to technology.

Keeping in mind that each product is reviewed by a specialist in the field of technology may contribute to the success of our website.

For your kind information, we have never received any benefit from companies whose products we review. Therefore, all the reviews you will get here will be honest and based on truth.

Style of work:

Feeling pleased to tell you that the information and reviews we provide here passes through certain steps of verification: First we pick up a product of a certain category, send it to get tested by our experts’ technologists and after thorough examination our team writes the reality based reviews for it to save your time and money.

About author:

A very passionate computer technologist, Afzal is the owner of this website. He has been working in this field for almost 8 years and he would love to bestow you with his knowledge and experience.

He writes articles about what is the best technology in the market, mostly when it comes to the best components or RAM or SSD for you. He is very friendly when it comes to giving professional advice in regards to buying the best pieces of technology. 

His favorite food is grilled cheese because he thinks there isn't a better taste than melted cheddar cheese on warm toasted bread. His favorite movie is the Star Wars series because he loves science fiction movies.

He also loves to share experience and tips to build a gaming desktop. He tries to put as much as possible to make it easier for his audience.

Besides leading a team of professionals, he makes sure that Dr. Tech Reviews delivers quality reviews and only provides users with truthful information.

The idea of Dr. Tech Reviews:

He came up with the idea for this website because he found that most online reviews are either paid and also not genuine, resulting in PC components that were not up to his expectations.

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